An Unbelievable Story

by Travis

I have this idea for a dystopian science-fiction novel, in which mankind overuses its land resources for animal agriculture, cutting down the majority of the earth’s forests for farmland. Accordingly, CO2 spikes, the earth warms up a few degrees, glaciers melt, we experience heightened incidences of extreme weather, flooding, and dead zones in our oceans from farm run-off; and as natural habitats give way to barren pastures, we quietly lose the earth’s tiniest creatures – such as butterflies, bees, and ocean plankton – setting off the worst chain reaction of animal extinction since the loss of the dinosaurs, with devastating effects rippling throughout the food chain – all of which mankind faces while simultaneously withstanding a health crisis as we shovel animal fats into our bodies, clog our arteries and explode our hearts, fatten our youth, and kill off our elderly.

Due to fear and social pressure, we would refuse to adopt a plant-based diet – which would use 1/18th the land resources – and continue to slaughter and eat animals that are smarter than those we choose as pets. We would desensitize to killing, develop newer and shinier ways to distract ourselves from our impending fate, spend massive public funds trying to treat the symptoms of an underlying problem, blame a new set of scapegoats, denounce truth as heresy for the sake of our addiction, go deep in debt, and go to war for reasons we don’t understand.

But no one would believe a story like that.