Fear and Loathing of a Zombie Trump Agenda

by Travis

There are many threats to the Trump Presidency swirling around: emoluments, FEC violations, bank fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy with Russia to win the 2016 election (which, in my estimation, is the worst of these). These investigations and proceedings have both legal and political consequences.

I have opposed Trump’s political aspirations for seven years now, for two reasons:

  • First, Trump is a demonstrably indecent, insular, and inexperienced person, with a penchant for distraction and lies, and is dangerously unpredictable – and thus, in my estimation, is unqualified to hold any office that could influence American foreign or domestic policy.
  • Second, Trump’s Agenda capitalizes on and exacerbates nativist cultural anxiety; damages our national economy with protectionist trade policies; kneecaps our relationships with allies; undermines democratic norms while lurching toward autocracy; and ultimately pits Americans against each other.

I therefore find myself supporting any and every avenue that could precipitate his downfall, and am encouraged by every breaking development that pushes us closer to his removal.

But there’s a Catch 22 here: If/when any of these investigations and proceedings result in his removal from office, I fear a significant portion of America will not process why the Trump Agenda itself was terrible. I fear the undercurrents of that Agenda will remain, like a zombie, ready to be embraced by the next nationalist populist – perhaps more effective than Trump himself.

Meanwhile, our current irony is this: If Trump was a disciplined and ethical person pushing the same Agenda, he would be much more dangerous.